When the moon rises in the night, the stars fill up the sky.

Let there be more lights, glow by your side.

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People Are Loving Moonside Lights

  • "Both Lamp One and Neon Lighthouse also feature an individual pixel customization ability that is demonstrated by the photo above. Using the companion app, owners can dial in highly-customizable color settings. Additionally, Moonside lights can sync with the beat of music. There is no delay, paving the way for future jam sessions packed with vibrant, fast-paced color changes."

  • "The Moonside Lighthouse might look like a glow-stick, but it is capable of producing colors and gradients that no glow-stick can ever match up to. Underneath its translucent outer body sits a matrix of RGB LEDs that can be custom-programmed to light up in a variety of patterns… like a psychedelic lava lamp that fills your room with an absolute ocean of hues. They are easily the sleekest, smartest, most vibrant little lamp ever."

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